Air fryer vs Toaster Oven – A Detailed Comparison

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Today, everyone is in search of a magical product, which can toast, bake, broil, cook, and everything to save space in the kitchen, save time and energy as well. the confusion has stopped at “Air Fryers vs Toaster Ovens”.

air fryer vs toaster oven

As the people getting richer day by day, both the prices of necessary goods and luxurious goods have been increasing simultaneously. Without food, nobody can run one’s life. A fresh morning is the start of a productive day.

Breakfast, an easygoing meal have brought innovative technologies and devices in the home appliance markets. A few years ago, toasters for bread slices and ovens for reheating foods were very popular amongst homemakers, individuals and professionals as well.

Air fryer vs Toaster Oven – What’s the difference?

With the passage of time, the new invention of Air Fryers and Toaster Oven got popularity around the globe and replaced many more gadgets with one cooking device. The competition between Air Fryers vs Toaster Ovens is very high whether to choose the latter one or the first one.

Following is the comparison between air fryer vs toaster oven:

1. Price Comparison

Air Fryers are not much expensive as compared to toaster ovens. However, all home appliance manufacturers are making the best air fryers and toaster overs at economic rates but the air fryers look b cheap because of offering versatile recipes with delicious results.


Air Fryers take less space on countertops and the size is enough good to handle both for cooking sessions and cleaning at the end. The ideal construction of the airy fryers makes it one of the best appliances in the kitchen.

There are two major varieties of toaster ovens. Some toaster ovens fit under the kitchen cabinet and some are kept on the countertops. For new users, it is important to think about the space in the kitchen. If the kitchen is not designed to set the oven under the counter then there should be enough space at the countertop.

The toaster ovens are also small but have two portions for broiling and heating elements. The users need to flip the bread slices in it for toasting sessions.

We can say that the cooking capacity, space, and size of the air fryers are best as compared to the toaster ovens.

Both have replaced the Traditional Products

If we analyze the functions of Air Fryers vs Toaster Ovens then it can be clearly seen that both have replaced the traditional cooking, baking, toasting, and frying methods. Both appliances provide healthy and delicious results because of less oil use and fewer calories burn.

Work Differences

Hot air circulates in the chamber of air fryers to cook the food. The toaster ovens also work with a convection fan. Air fryers cook fast and toaster ovens take less energy but take a little bit more time to prepare meals. The heating up system of air fryers is faster than toaster ovens.

Recommended by Health Experts

Health experts instead of deep-frying recommend air Fryers. The toaster ovens cook slowly, which also doesn’t burn calories.

Suitable for Certain Types of Foods

Some foods are very nicely cooked in the air fryers. Such as Chicken Nuggets, Mozzarella Sticks, Jalapeño-o-poppers, burger patties, Baked chicken, breaded foods, chicken wings, etc. Air Fryers are the best option for instant food and crispier recipes.

Same it is, the toaster ovens cook the small batches of foods very deliciously. For example, cookies, pizza, mozzarella sticks, tuna melt, etc. The meat related recipes can be cooked better in toaster ovens because of slow speed cooking.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If we analyze the cleaning and maintenance process of air fryers vs toaster ovens then air fryers are easy to clean. The air frying is nonstick and less use of oil makes it easy to clean after every cooking session. On the other hand, the toaster oven is also easy to clean but takes a little bit more time as compared to air fryers.


After investigating the properties of air fryers vs toaster ovens, we have come to know that both products have high competition in the market. The cost of both appliance is approachable for each class of customers.

Air fryers are good for quick meal preparation and the toaster ovens cook at slow speed with auto adjustable time. Because the Air Fryer is a newer thing as compared to ovens, so its demand is higher.

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